We are a globally trusted design studio. We re-invent your business, inspire your people and design award winning products to communicate your brand. 


Since founding in 2003 we have built an international reputation while working with the biggest brands and energetic start-ups.

We are developing your brand not ours, so we don’t have a formulaic process or style, but use over 20 years of experience and the principle that 'design is about removing not adding' to tailor our process to fit your goal. 

We provide design and strategy advice
We design products and their interactivity
We develop visual identities to differentiate your brand
We research, plan and identify market opportunities
We create visions of the future

For more about our services you can download the PDF here. Read about our clients and sectors in work, about our founders and team here, and for business enquiries, publicity and speaking engagements go to contact. Follow us on Instagram here.

我々に定型化されたプロセスやスタイルはありません。20年以上の経験と「デザインとは付け加えるものではなく取り除くもの」という考えに基づき、 それぞれのクライアントの目的に合わせたプロセスを提供いたします。



David Tonge and Nicole Hodgkinson founded The division in 2003 with the simple goal of combining their big-agency experience with the craftsman's attention to detail. Based in the heart of London, they have an award winning design studio with a bi-lingual team of gifted designers and a network of trusted partners.



David Tonge

David is widely recognised as one of the leading industrial designers of his generation. Quietly successful he has designed a diverse range of award winning products including furniture, luggage, consumer electronics, car interiors, cameras and computer equipment.

After working in London design studios he joined IDEO Product Development in San Francisco in the mid-90's as Industrial Design Director. An exciting period for design in Silicon Valley, IDEO's innovation process attracted the smartest brands from all over the world and he worked alongside some of the most influential designers of the modern era including Bill Moggridge and Naoto Fukasawa.
He also began to work with Japanese companies, studying the language and developing an enduring love for the culture. Well over 70 visits later he has a unique knowledge of Japanese companies and frequently lectures, writes and consults about his experiences.

His work has been exhibited at the London Design Museum, has won major design awards in the UK, Germany, Japan and the US and his work and writing have been featured in Axis Magazine,  Business Week, Blueprint, Creative Review, Nikkei BP and The Guardian as well as being interviewed on BBC radio, NHK TV Japan and CBS.

When not in London with his partner Nicole you can find him in Tokyo running around Imperial Palace or in one of his favourite curry shops.

Read more about his travels in David's Journal.


1990年代半ば、 ロンドンのデザインスタジオを経てサンフランシスコのIDEOにインダストリアルデザインディレクターとして勤務しました。シリコンバレーのデザインが熱狂的な盛り上がりを見せた当時、 IDEOの革新的なプロセスが世界のモダンなブランドを魅了しました。そこでビル・モグリッジや深澤直人といった現代において多大な影響力を持つデザイナーたちと一緒に働きました。


彼のデザインした製品はロンドンデザインミュージアムにて展示されました。今までにイギリス、ドイツ、日本、米国といった国々の主要なデザインアワードを受賞、彼の執筆はアクシスマガジン、ビジネスウィーク、ブループラント、クリエイティブレビュー、日経BP、ガーディアンにて特集され、BBC radio, NHK TV, CBSではインタビューを行いました。デヴィッドがロンドンにいない時には、東京でパートナーのニコールと一緒に皇居の周りをランニングしているか、お気に入りのカレー屋さんにいるでしょう。

詳細についてはDavid's Journalをご覧下さい


Nicole Hodgkinson

Nicole gives the Division its day-to-day operating structure as well as providing direction on projects. 

After training and working as a textile designer she formed a bespoke knitwear company whose products were featured in retail design collections as well as the British Crafts Council. She then worked in domestic interiors advising on the use of historical and contemporary colour, fabrics and papers.

While living in California she consulted on the use of colour, material and finish with San Francisco design studios, picking up design awards and patents along the way. At the same time, Nicole pursued her interest in the arts while working with the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) art tours group. Here she planned and conducted art tours around the private collections of California’s rich and famous.

Nicole lives in London - the city she loves - with partner David,  is a prodigious reader, theatre and museum goer.


カリフォルニア在住中、CMF(カラー・素材・仕上げ)のコンサルティングをサンフランシスコのデザインスタジオと共に行い、様々なデザインアワードや特許を取得しました。同時に、SFMOMA (サンフランシスコ近代美術館) のアート・ツアーグループでカリフォルニアの有名なプライベートコレクションのアートツアーを企画、運営すると共に、美術への興味を追求していきました。読書家でシアターやミュージアムに惜しげなく通う彼女は、現在パートナーのデヴィッドと愛する街ロンドンに住んでいます。


Our team

Based in the heart of London, the creative centre of the World, we are able keep on top of the latest trends in fashion, architecture and design and attract the best talent.

Since founding we have worked with gifted designers from the EU, India, Japan, the US and of course the UK. With our ongoing commitment to working in Japan we have Japanese staff to assist in day-to-day communications with our clients. Current and past team members include -

Akinori Asatomi, Richard Bone, Yuya Kurata, Ai Mawaribuchi, Afshin Mehin, Bikram Mittra, Tim Sharpe, Luke Sturgeon, Manabu Yoshida.




In addition to a small core, we build specialised teams for each project including marketing communications, user research, interaction design, graphic and branding and prototype making. It allows us to have a deeper impact on your business. Key partners include:




Communications in Japan

MCT is a 300 + person Tokyo and Osaka based research, design and communications company. In addition to supporting our in-Japan communications we have worked collaboratively on projects which require research, product and interaction design for Japanese companies or for those wishing to export to Japan.



Chris Hill

Prototype Making

Chris is a true craftsman. The best prototype maker we have worked with in the UK, US or Japan. Whether its a camera, toothbrush or airline seat Chris can build it and importantly add to our knowledge in the process. We work collaboratively with Chris on every form of prototype from data check models, works like engineering prototypes and final appearance models.



Robin Richmond

Brand/Information Design

Robin trained as a typographer and information designer. Following projects in the music industry he became a Partner of Meta Design, the Berlin, London and San Francisco based graphic design company responsible for the identities of VW, Audi and Skoda amongst others. We have been collaborating on projects requiring brand strategy, interactive and graphic design direction here in Europe and Japan.

タイポグラフィ、インフォメーションデザインを学んだのち音楽業界のプロジェクトを経て、フォルクスワーゲン、アウディなどの有名ブランドを手掛けるグラフィックデザイン会社 Meta design の共同経営者になりました。ブランドストラテジー、インタラクティブデザイン、グラフィックデザインのディレクションを必要とするプロジェクトにて、パートナーとして協同します。


Luke Sturgeon

Interaction Design

A graduate of the pioneering CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) in Denmark, Luke explores new ways of using technology to create engaging and innovative interactions between people and devices. We have been working on hardware/software integration projects including Smart TV's and Automotive control interfaces.

デンマークのCIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design)を卒業後、人々とデバイスにおける魅力的でイノベーティブなインタラクションをテクノロジーを活用し研究しています。スマートTVや自動車のコントロールインターフェースといったハードウェアとソフトウェアの融合するプロジェクトにおいて、パートナーとしてプロジェクトに参加します。