Future Form of the Camera

As camera lovers we have been looking for opportunities to develop a camera. As part of studio exercise we have been thinking about how the use of smart phones could influence the design and use of the traditional format camera. Starting with the lens where the form inspiration comes from the historical faceted aperture structure, through to the interface which is using a simple language (camera terminology is too complex for most people) and gesture based 'smart phone like' interface. The result is a unique new concept which takes its design cues from both smart phones and cameras and we hope would appeal to both kinds of users.

スタジオプロジェクトの一環として、スマートフォンの使い方が従来のカメラのフォーマットや使用にどのような影響を与えるかを考察しました。 アパチャーの形からインスピレーションを得た多角形のフォルムに始まり、専門用語のような複雑なものではなくシンプルな言葉や表現を用い、スマートフォンのような使用感のインターフェースに至るまで。スマートフォンとカメラ、両方の要素をもつこの新たなコンセプトが両ユーザーを魅了するものになればと考えます。

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"What interface would get smart phone users excited about using a dedicated camera?"