We have been collaborating with Japanese brand Maquino. The first output of this collaboration are these simple two piece kitchen scales. Designed to be easy to use, clean and store. This type of scales are a favourite of professional cooks everywhere. Each time an ingredient is added, the scale can be reset to zero meaning just one bowl can be used while adding ingredients according to a recipe. A pure design exercise we created a very simple soft shape, using strong body colours and simple packaging. They cost around 2000 yen (£15) are currently only available in Japan through stores such as franc franc and Loft, or through Maquino’s own store in fashionable Aoyama.

マッキーノとの最初のコラボレーションのアウトプットはシンプルな2つのピースからなるキッチンスケールでした。使いやすく、 掃除しやすく、収納しやすいデザインで、プロの料理人にも選ばれています。すっきりとしたソフトシェイプ、強いボディカラー、シンプルなパッケージデザインからなり、フランフランやロフトなどのセレクトショップで購入が可能です。

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